Registration is required: here

Monday June 20th

Workshop | 11h00- 18h00

With Martin Howse

Opening of installations and games | 18h00
1′ min talk per author & Interludes by Sei Miguel 

Interactive installations

Adriana Sá John Klima ==> Space Torsion
André Sier ==> Honey Krater
Isabel Valverde & Todd Cochrane & JE Solo & Clara Gomes & Bárbara Teixeira & Mostafa Swapan & António Ruivo ==> Senses Places
Ivo Louro ==> Weather World Harp
Nikolas Gomes ==> Concerto para Piano e Pandemia
Nuno Torres ==> Spectrum

Experimental games

André Feldberg & Felipe Sussuarana & Joana Barros & João Frade ==> Dungeon X
Andreas Melo & Fernando Soares & Filipe Silva & Pedro Fernandes ==> HexPong
Sofia Telo ==> Aneurysm

Performances | 20h00

Eleonora Oreggia / xname ==> REBUS
Olivier Perriquet & Maria do Mar ==> Chance meeting of a Prepared projector and a Violin

Tuesday June 21st

Performative arena – historical and philosophical views | 11h30-13h00 

José Bragança de Miranda 
Luis Cláudio Ribeiro & José Gomes Pinto  
Boris Debackere (remote, Netherlands)
Round table: Boris Debackere (remote, Netherlands) & Luis Cláudio Ribeiro & José Gomes Pinto

Mediation and body | 14h30-16h30

Miguel Carvalhais
Alex McLean (remote, UK) & Kate Sicchio  (remote, USA)
Showcase: Stephen Whitmarsh (remote, France) & Atau Tanaka (remote, UK) 
Roundtable: Alex McLean (remote, UK) & Kate Sicchio  (remote, USA) & Miguel Carvalhais & Stephen Whitmarsh (remote, France) & Atau Tanaka (remote, UK) 

Participatory demos | 16h30-19h00

Performances  | 19h00

Gerard Roma (remote, UK) & Anna Xambó (remote, UK) ==> Shreds
Martin Howse  ==> The Final Session

Wednesday June 22nd

Mediation and environment  | 11h00-13h00

Felipe Portela (remote, France)
Rosemary Lee 
Jamie Perera (remote, UK)
Round table: Martin Howse & Ivo Louro

Mediation and social behaviours | 14h30-16h30 

Sally J. Norman (remote, New Zealand)
John Klima
Round table: Nikolas Gomes & Diogo Vasconcelos
Raphael Perret (remote, Switzerland)

Break | 16h30-17h00

Performance | 17h00

Oyvind Brandtsegg (remote, Norway) & Helena MarinhoRui Penha & Bruno Pereira ==> The not even remotely dead cats

Talk at Human Entities | 18h30

With Paola Torres at Palácio Sinel de Cordes, Campo Santa Clara, Lisboa 

Thursday June 23rd

In-between the analogue and the digital | 15h00-17h30

Thor Magnusson (remote, Greece)
Chris Kiefer (remote, UK)
Round table: Adriana Sá & Jonas Runa & Gonçalo Gato & Oyvind Brandtsegg (remote, Norway)
Showcase: Club of the knobsKazike & Rajele Jain

Break | 17h30-18h00

Performances | 18h00  

Paola Torres ==> KhipuKoding
Alex McLean (remote, UK) & Kate Sicchio (remote, USA) & Audience ==> Code for dance

Closing dinner