June 21st 18h to June 23rd 17h | outdoor spaces, MoveLab, Estúdio F

Adriana Sá & John Klima | Space Torsion
Two intersecting soundscape compositions, which bring the countryside to the city. They are played back through loudspeakers modified with light sensors, so that the volume of each sound source depends on the light captured by a corresponding sensor. 

André Sier | Honey Krater
By touching a smartphone, one activates divinations exposed with robotic voices: short segments of Ariadne’s lament. The sounds are emitted through a woofer with honey and growing biological material, producing visual patterns that are projected through laser light.

Isabel Valverde & Todd Cochrane & JE Solo | Senses Places
A somatic dance-technology environment that incorporates audience participation. Collaborators and participants interact as avatar and/or as video images at Senses Places’ virtual environment, at the Odyssey Simulators, in Second Life®.

Ivo Louro | Weather World Harp
An installation where air pollution captured by sensors activates motors and electronic sustainers, which actuate upon a number of prepared electric guitars.

Nikolas Gomes | Concerto para Piano e Pandemia
A participative composition made for the World Wide Web. Every tweet including the word COVID 19 is captured in real time by a python script, which converts their characters into piano-like sounds.

Nuno Torres | Spectrum
A sound piece for radios, with microprocessor controlled stepper motors, that challenges the listening relations of the current radio paradigms. An installation that presents itself as a radio chorus.

Experimental games
June 20th 18h – 20h / 21st 16h30-19h / 22nd 16h30 -17h / 23rd 14h-15h & 17h-18h | Rooms G.0.5, G.0.6, G.0.7

André Feldberg & Felipe Sussuarana & Joana Barros & João Frade | Dungeon X
A light-based playful experience where you have to dodge attacks from a powerful creature residing in the middle of an intricate labyrinth.

Andreas Melo & Fernando Soares & Filipe Silva & Pedro Fernandes | HexPong
An implementation of the iconic 1972 game ‘Pong’ by Atari. It utilizes an alternative render interface, which in return also prompts changes in the game.

Sofia Telo | Aneurysm
An interactive animation film that discusses brain aneurysm. Pain, fatigue and anguish may alert the main character to her health situation, but no one can foresee what is about to happen.


June 20th 20h00 | Sala Fernando Lopes

Eleonora Oreggia / xname | REBUS
Performance with REBUS, an electromagnetic musical machine which forms an invisible interface that can be manipulated with the hands and the body. The instrument proposes a completely new approach to the 100 years old Theremin’s contactless-interaction technique. 

Olivier Perriquet & Maria do Mar | Chance meeting of a Prepared projector and a Violin
Live performance emerging from the blind date between a modified cinema projector, objects & light sources, and a violin. The performance is reminiscent of extended techniques in music of which it offers a visual counterpoint.

June 21st 19h00 | Sala Fernando Lopes

Gerard Roma & Anna Xambó | Shreds
A remote live coding performance that explores the use of diacritics and letter case to produce different sound variations. Like paper shreds, patterns seem to contain traces of a known language, but the new combinations do not seem to make sense.

Martin Howse | The Final Session
Inspired by vapours, by fumes and smoke from industrial chimneys and rotting snakes, burning forests, pure piercing notes and colours, Howse decodes earth and air signals through un-refined electrochemistry and manipulation of earth-bound electrons, air and light.

June 22nd 17h00 | Auditório Agostinho da Silva

Oyvind Brandtsegg  (remote, Norway) & Helena MarinhoRui Penha & Bruno Pereira | The not even remotely dead cats
Combining the physicality of feedback with the eeriness of networked performance, four musicians walk onto a stage.

June 23rd 18h00 | Sala Fernando Lopes and Auditório Agostinho da Silva

Paola Torres Núñez del Prado | KhipuKoding
Torres performs with a system developed within her residence in the Google + Machine Intelligence program 2019 – 2020, for which she was awarded an Honorary Mention in Prix Ars Electronica. AIELSON reflects humanity as imperfections are not discarded, but embraced – something that contradicts the idea of intelligence as the epitome of efficiency and perfection.

Alex McLean (remote, UK)Kate Sicchio (remote, USA) & Audience | Codes for a Dance
This performance explores movement through auditory, visual and physical communication. It focuses on language, patterns and the performance of gesture as a way to bridge the digital and the physical. Through a series of live coded sound synthesis and audience participatory actions, connections will be made from humans to machines and back to humans again.